Assault & Battery

A conviction on a charge of assault and battery, or any related violent crime, looks extremely bad on a record. It could have a negative impact on your future in many ways, above and beyond the fines and the time in jail that may also be consequences of a conviction.

The law firm of Thomas J. Tomko, Attorney at Law, provides assault and battery defense for people in Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Macomb County and the surrounding areas of Michigan. We bring more than 20 years of experience to every case we handle, meaning that you can be confident that we know how to defend you against these serious criminal charges.

Types Of Assault Charges

Assault is the title of a category of crimes that includes:

  • Assault and battery: This charge can be the result of bar fights, road rage and similar attacks that include physical altercations
  • Assault with intent to commit great bodily harm: This charge is issued when the attacker inflicted or attempted to inflict very serious injuries to the victim
  • Domestic violence: This is essentially assault and battery when the two parties involved are in a domestic relationships such as husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend

We can defend against all of these various types of assault charges. We understand the nuances that differentiate one of these charges from the next, and we have the experience to defend appropriately.

Defense Strategies In Assault And Battery Cases

As in many other criminal cases, there are statutory options that we may be able to use to the benefit of our clients such as those offered by statute MCL 769.4a. We have the experience to know when to use this type of defense.

We also know when to look for unique defense strategies. For example, we understand that many domestic assault charges stem from divorces. One spouse may accuse the other of domestic violence in order to gain advantage in a custody dispute. We know how to defend against these types of false allegations.

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