Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors

Meeting Before Bankruptcy Trustee

Under Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, you are required to attend a first meeting of creditors. At this meeting, you can be asked questions about your Bankruptcy Petition by the Bankruptcy Trustee or by any creditors present.

The purpose of the meeting is to determine whether you properly filed, whether everything is disclosed and in order, whether there is a basis for any objection to your Petition or objection to discharge of any debt, and other reasons. The proceedings are recorded.

Where Is The Meeting?

Section 341 First Meetings of Creditors are held in local offices of the Bankruptcy Court in Hearing Rooms. There are Michigan offices in Detroit, Saginaw, Flint and Ann Arbor, to name a few.

Generally, your meeting will be scheduled in the office closest to you. The Detroit metro area generally has its Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors scheduled in Detroit.

What You Need To Bring To Your Meeting

You must bring certain things with you to the Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors:

  • Two picture I.D. forms
  • Social Security Card
  • All vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, boat, snowmobile and other vehicle titles
  • Your past three years tax returns
  • Your tax bill showing your SEV for your home

Failure to bring these things could delay or even cause dismissal of your Bankruptcy Petition. Work with an attorney at our office to ensure things are handled properly.

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