Drunk Driving

Operating while intoxicated and operating while impaired, both also known as OWI, and commonly referred to as DWI/DUI, are serious charges. To defend against them, an attorney must be able to know where to look for opportunities to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

The law firm of Thomas J. Tomko, Attorney at Law, provides OWI defense for people in Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Macomb County and the surrounding areas of Michigan. More than 20 years of experience means that we know exactly where to look for opportunities to defeat the charges.

Drunk Driving And Related Charges

We can defend anyone accused of Michigan drunk driving offenses, whether it is a first offense or a repeat offense. We can also provide representation in all related matters, including:

  • OWI for person under 21, also known as underage drinking and driving
  • OWI causing death

The penalties issued for drunk driving can be extremely serious. License suspension is only one of the many consequences that you may face if you are convicted. You may be fined and you may even have to spend time in jail. We are committed to defending your rights and helping you avoid these types of penalties.

Defense Strategies In OWI Cases

The first step in drunk driving cases is recognizing that there are two sides of the story. We will listen to your side of the story, and we will review it against what appears in the police report. We will look for the discrepancies, and we will build a defense strategy off them.

When reviewing these cases, we look carefully at Breathalyzer evidence as well as evidence of illegal search and seizure issues. We will take the appropriate action based on what we find. You can rest easy knowing that we know OWI procedures from start to finish.

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