Drunk Driving License Suspensions

All convictions for drinking offenses will result in some license suspension. Since 10-1-1999, the licensing action is automatically taken by the Secretary of State following conviction. The court has no discretion.

Based on the facts in your case, and the timing of convictions, I may be able to help you avoid the harsh penalties associated with multiple drunk driving offenses. This ability depends upon the facts in each case. Contact me online or call me at 586-795-8822 for an in-office appointment.

OWI (Impaired) First Offense:

90 days suspended license with restricted license automatically allowed for the entire 90 days.

OWI (Intoxicated) First Offense:

Six months suspended license, first 30 days, no license at all, followed by a restricted license for the balance of the six months.

OWI (Impaired) Second or OWI (Intoxicated) Second Offense:

One (1) year of a revoked license. Your license is not automatically reinstated. You must apply for a Review Hearing and show, among other things: proof of sobriety, (typically AA attendance sheets), for the six to 12 months immediately prior to the Review Hearing. If reinstated, you may receive a restricted license for 1-year followed by another Review Hearing. You may be required to only operate a vehicle with an ignition interlock system during the restriction period.

OWI (Impaired) Third Offense and OWI (Intoxicated) Third Offense:

Five (5) years of a revoked license. Your license is not automatically reinstated. See procedure for Second Offense. However, for this sanction to apply the two (2) prior convictions must be within ten (10) years of the new conviction.