Getting Your License Back

To seek restoration, you must plan ahead. I can inform you ahead of time what you need to do and when you are eligible to get your license back. If you plan properly, you will be able to seek reinstatement at an earlier date.

When Can I Get My License Back?

When you can get your license back depends on the reason for the suspension or revocation. The best approach is to contact me for an in-office appointment. Below is a listing of several reasons for license Suspensions/Revocations, and general ideas on what steps can be considered to help get your license back.

Drinking Suspensions

They are mandatory. (See drunk driving license suspensions). You must wait until you are eligible for a review date, file a petition and attend a review hearing. Success at a review hearing is not guaranteed.

At your review hearing, you have the burden of establishing sobriety. You must show abstinence for six to 12 months prior to the review hearing. You must have an alcohol assessment, submit letters of reference, and show six to 12 months of abstinence. Even then, the Secretary of State can deny your request and make you wait another year for your next review hearing.

Mandatory Suspensions

You must wait the mandatory period before getting your license back. In some cases, you may be eligible for a restricted license during this mandatory period. You may need to file a petition with the Circuit Court or in the district court, (if a drug suspension).

Point Suspensions

Eligible persons may file a petition in the Circuit Court where you live, seeking a restricted license. If eligible, granting of a license is within the discretion of the Circuit Court judge.

Review Suspensions

You may file for an administrative appeal or sometimes you may seek a restricted license from the Circuit Court where you live.

Like Term Suspensions

Generally, the availability of an appeal or Circuit Court petition to obtain a restricted license during the period of like term suspension will be the same as the availability for these options under the original suspension.

FAC & FCJ Admin Suspensions

FCJ suspensions require payment of the fine and payment of a reinstatement fee. FAC suspensions require an appearance in court, the judge's lifting the suspension, and payment of a reinstatement fee.